The importance of hygiene in schools and kindergartens



School has now begun, students have returned behind the desks for this new school year. Teens and children will live together for many hours every day, and they will share desks, classrooms and … bathrooms.

Bathrooms, as demonstrated by numerous scientific researches, can be full of germs and bacteria.

In these environments, the innocence of the little ones could lead them to touch everything, and even if our teachings will make them avoid touching the floor, there is nothing we can do about avoiding touching traditional taps.

In Idral, we are always looking for solutions that guarantee safety and hygiene in our products. This is why we developed the KIDS tap line: fun and colorful, designed specifically for the well-being of children and their needs. The paint used for all models of the KIDS series is non-toxic and therefore suitable for everyone, in particular for the smaller users.

Our KIDS electronic tap, thanks to the infra-red sensor that opens and close it, avoids the contact with the hands so children can wash themin complete safety, and they will also learn to save water, since as soon as they leave the water flow will stop.

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Barbara Kohlreiter Export Coordinator