Hospital in Rome

Thanks to the collaboration with one of our important partners, we are pleased to be present with our electronic taps and dispensers in a huge hospital in Rome, with more than 1500 employees. With this volume of users , it was essential to use durable and hygienic solutions, especially designed for large spaces open to the public. In fact, in health facilities, hygiene is even more important than in any other space not only to protect users from germs and cross-contamination, but also to offer healthcare workers solutions that help them in their work. For this reason, taps and distributors that do not require touching after use are the ideal solution.

In these bathrooms two Idral solutions were installed: the electronic mixer 02584/R and the contactless dispenser 550.20 for liquid soap that combine design, functionality and technology. In fact, these products are easy to clean and they guarantee maximum hygiene thanks to the infrared sensors that do not need to be touched with the hands. In addition, the design is simple and modern and it allows you to create a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The 02584/R electronic basin/sink mixer with presence detection activation is suitable for plasterboard walls, it is equipped with vandal-proof closure after 1 minute and with an anti-legionella system ideal for hospital environments that automatically delivers a flow of water every 24h from the last use.
This tap was combined with the infrared dispenser 550.20, suitable for dispensing liquid or gel solutions, detergents or disinfectants, equipped with an electronic presence detection sensor and a professional peristaltic pump. This item is out of catalog because we offer it on request through our personalized design service. To learn more about how WE HELP OUR CUSTOMERS TO TRANSFORM AN IDEA INTO REALITY CLICK HERE