Bathrooms in large commercial and public facilities: needs, challenges and solutions



bagni grandi spazi

Setting up the restrooms of a large facility means keeping some specific needs in mind. First of all, we need to evaluate the context: the bathroom of a gym or swimming pool has different requirements from that of a shopping center, an airport or a supermarket, because the frequency and the usage are not the same. On the other hand, what all bathrooms in large spaces share are some guidelines and goals to be achieved:

  • Functionality

The bathrooms of large facilities must be extremely functional, because they must reduce user times as much as possible, guaranteeing excellent service. There is a subtle balance between size and economic sustainability of the project: the larger the environment, the higher the set-up and management cost, unless you focus on advanced technical solutions that allow you to serve a higher number of people. In any case, it os important to design the restroom to avoid users queue.

  • Reliability

We are talking about environments open to a wide range of users, that can be “careless” when using the bathroom. Being able to withstand bumps and blows is an absolute necessity, in order to avoid cost increase.

  • Hygiene

Today as never before people use the restrooms to wash and disinfect their hands, to protect themselves from cross-contamination. This has increased their use even more, with the concern that the place designed to provide hygiene could turn into a threat for the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

  • Cleaning

Bathrooms with high turnover must be disinfected frequently, but it is not always easy to reach the entire surface of the taps and sanitary ware, with the risk that cleaning is not really effective.

  • Water saving

A main aspect to consider for large facilities is water saving, since the bathrooms must use the right amount of water: not an extra drop.

Restrooms for large facilities: Idral focuses on innovation

The facilities are not always able to satisfy all the needs we have mentioned at the same time. Some insist more on ergonomic design but suffer from limitations in terms of reliability and easy cleaning, others do not equip themselves with advanced water saving technologies or, perhaps, are not the best in terms of hygiene. In many cases the limits affect life cycle costs, in others – even worse – the sustainability and safety of the system.

Idral has been designing and manufacturing taps and sanitary wares since 1970. We know well the requirements of large restrooms and, thanks to a highly innovative spirit, we have developed over the years products capable of answering to all this needs. Idral taps and sanitary ware were installed in many facilities, for example at the Moscow airport, at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona and at the Milan Expo, to mention few. In buildings like these, the optimization of all the above criteria is essential to give a good service every day to hundreds and hundreds of different people, ensuring high performance and customer satisfaction.

This is why Idral taps and sanitary ware mixes ergonomic design and Made in Italy production, extreme reliability and vandal-proof protections, as well as low water consumption. Indeed, Idral was the first company in Italy to joined the WaterLabel, the classification for water consumption. The company responds to the needs of big spaces with taps equipped with automatic shut-off systems, like self-closing and electronic taps. This has an impact not only on water consumption, which is very low, but also on hygiene, since contact with the taps is absent or reduced to a minimum, with the addition of the Legionella prevention system for an additional safety. For managers, Idral products also ensure great practicality and simplicity of installation, with minimal adjustments and standardized spare parts.