Idral 2020

50 years of tradition in sanitary wares and fittings that lead us towards the future made of people, innovation and digitalization. By Riccardo Poletti Idral Sales Director Trends in the sanitary wares and fittings market 2020 is a particularly important year for us because the company turns 50 and new scenarios full of challenges and […]

With Idral, reliable and easy-to-use sanitary ware

Over the years, Idral has developed expertise and specialization in the field of taps and sanitary ware. A sector that is not easy to manage because it requires particular attention, if not more, in the design of devices that are used several times a day and which must guarantee safety, reliability and resistance. Sanitary ware, […]

Water saving and low consumption sanitary ware

The events of the past year show that we are all connected and that our choices have an impact on others. All this makes us reflect on the urgency of eco-friendly policies and choices to protect our ecosystem and in Idral we want to help, offering low-consumption taps and sanitary ware to reduce water waste. […]

2030 Agenda: the well-being of mankind requires a responsible consumption of water

On 25 September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly met in New York for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the UN and established the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development.During this three-day meeting, the Assembly adopted and signed a protocol entitled “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. This agenda is […]

Reopening of hotels and gyms: taps can make a difference

After a difficult year, we are starting to see some signs of normality. There are many countries that have completely reopened their commercial and recreational activities and Italy, too, has planned a gradual reopening of restaurants, bars, theaters, sports centers and hotels. For hospitality businesses, as well as for sports facilities, it is the right […]

Water Day 2021: savings and safety

March 22 is the International Water Day and this year’s theme is “the value of water”: how important is water for your home and family life, your well-being, and the environment? The events of this past year have shown us, among other things, that we are all interconnected and that local choices have an effect […]

From design to customization: public and commercial bathroom trends for 2021

There is a lot of excitement and new trends concerning taps and, more in general, sanitary wares and fitting solutions for public and commercial restrooms. In fact, besides the trends consolidated over these years, new trends are rising, blending technological advances with design and ergonomics. Speaking of 2021 trends, we have to mention the importance […]

Touchless taps and accessories: essential against covid19

Today, it is very important to rethink the bathrooms open to the public to respond to the risk of infection. For this reason, we offer our expertise through our product lines of ELECTRONIC, PEDAL, SELF-CLOSING and CLINICAL LEVER taps. Easy to install, they reduce the possibility of contagion in public spaces, representing the ideal answer to the antibacterial […]