The Choice of Taps in Hotel and Tourist Resort Bathrooms

Bathrooms, although often considered secondary in the design of hotels and tourist resorts, represent a fundamental calling card that communicates order, cleanliness, and comfort. These spaces are crucial for customer perception and must be carefully designed to offer a positive experience.

Water and Energy Savings

Choosing taps that reduce water and energy consumption is essential for hotel facilities. Idral taps, equipped with advanced technologies such as timed control and sensor faucets, can reduce water consumption by up to 70% for showers and 90% for taps, significantly lowering bills and contributing to environmental sustainability. Investing in these technologies allows for a rapid economic return and enhances the hotel’s image as an eco-friendly establishment. Adopting sustainable solutions not only attracts environmentally conscious customers but also positions the hotel as an example of responsible resource management.

Guest Experience

Lobby and room bathrooms must be welcoming and well-equipped. The lobby bathroom serves as a crucial introduction to the overall guest experience, with guests inevitably forming an opinion about the rest of the hotel based on this first encounter. Guests expect clean and well-designed spaces. High-quality materials are essential, and electronic or timed taps improve hygiene and ease of use.

For room bathrooms, taking inspiration from spas, using double sinks, and creating spacious areas convey a sense of well-being. It is crucial that taps and showers are efficient and easy to use, as guests often do not know how to adjust the water. Intuitive taps with Idral’s thermostatic controls offer an immediate and simple interaction, preventing scalding and allowing users to customize the water temperature according to their preferences.

Design and Brand

Maintaining a consistent design from the main areas of the hotel to the bathrooms reinforces the brand image. If the hotel has a traditional style, this should be reflected in the bathrooms. If the style is modern, minimalist solutions with white, black, and metallic finishes are ideal. Today’s tap finishes offer a wide range of colors, allowing for further customization of the environment. This variety enables the creation of a unique bathroom in line with the rest of the establishment.

Durability and Maintenance

In the hospitality industry, damaged bathrooms are a disaster, as they immediately give a negative impression to guests and can compromise the reputation of the entire establishment. Finding the balance between durability and aesthetics is essential. Materials such as brass and stainless steel are fundamental in this context, as they offer resistance to corrosion and wear. Electronic taps, which do not require contact for use, get dirty less compared to traditional taps. This feature not only simplifies cleaning but also helps maintain the aesthetics and hygiene of the bathrooms. Idral taps, specifically designed for public spaces with intense use, offer high durability and resistance, ideal for hotels and tourist resorts. These taps not only withstand daily wear but are also able to handle the high volume of use typical of hotel facilities.

Choosing the right taps and accessories for hotel facilities is a crucial decision that impacts various aspects: water and energy savings, guest experience, design, and maintenance costs.

With over 50 years of experience, Idral combines Made in Italy production and design, guaranteeing high-quality and reliable products. Idral offers a wide range of products designed for water and energy savings, contributing to more sustainable and cost-effective resource management. The ability to customize products, including colors, allows them to perfectly match the unique style of each hotel.

To learn more about our products and solutions, download our catalog or contact us directly. Additionally, you can find many examples of bathrooms equipped with our taps and showers in the case study section. Investing in quality and efficiency with Idral means transforming bathrooms into spaces that speak of efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.