These taps have a single water supply, and by means of a small thermostatic or mechanical mixer, mounted before the inlet of the tap itself, it is possible to supply mixed water at a constant temperature. Temperature cannot be changed by the end user.

You can recalibrate manually using a thermometer:
This operation is to be performed in case of discrepancy between the temperature indicated on the knob and the actual temperature of the water.

First of all check the cause of the problem, it often happens where the water is very limy and incrustations and deposits tend to block the cartridge. In such cases it is possible to clean the cartridge in a vinegar bath for a few hours. Should the problem persist, the cartridge must be replaced.

The Italian Ministerial Decree 236/89 establishes that the use of lever operated taps is preferred, however we recommend to contact the relevant Local Health Authority for more specific information on the type of tap to be used.

For correct operation we recommend a pressure between 2 and 5 bar, with the best possible balance between the two waters.
The maximum working pressure is 10 bar, while minimum flow rates vary according to the type of tap installed.