It is possible to adjust it using the vandal-proof, self-closing headvalve with release button (art. 08555) that allows to modify the time from 0 to 30 sec.

We have ACS (Approval of sanitary conformity), WRAS and SABS (functional tests).

The range of self-closing taps includes models with anti-blocking system that ensures the water flow stops under any condition.

The flow time stated for each item is obtained pressing the button all the way, otherwise the flow time will be shorter.

We manufacture all the self-closing taps, therefore we can supply the relevant spare parts.

In timed taps, it is good practice to use micro filtered water and to install filter for the taps.
It will be necessary to verify that the timed cartridge is free of dirt; we refer to our Tutorial’s page or our YouTube channel where we indicate how to perform proper maintenance of the product.

You can install an outdoor solar shower in the garden or in an open space, for example near a swimming pool. No electrical installation is required: the solar heat energy heats the water in the shower’s internal tank (which can be filled with a normal rubber hose).
It is therefore advisable to install the shower in a strategic position in the garden, exposed to the sun, in order to facilitate the operation and reduce the heating time.
This type of solution is an ecological and economical alternative to the traditional solution, as the water flow rate is controlled to reduce water wastage and there is no need for an electrical heating source.