Il RILSAN® is a plastic coating applied to metal surfaces.
Therefore the product has a higher resistance to chemicals and corrosion compared to painted products.
Also, the RILSAN® coated surface is smoother, and facilitates cleaning and antimicrobial treatment.

Grab bars are made of thick steel pipes and are treated with cataphoresis and epoxy powder coating.

Wall fixings differ according to the type of wall, it is down to the plumber or installer to choose the most suitable type to ensure the correct installation and the highest safety.

Unless requested, ceramics are sold without fixings. The catalogue includes a special kit with art. code 15409/4.

The seat cover is not universal, there are several models to match the ceramics.

The flushing set is not included, but can be bought separately art. 15410.
The WC cistern is fitted for pneumatic connection art. 15405. For further details contact commerciale@idral.it

On our website you can find the list of agents  by Country https://www.idral.it/en/assistance/

Yes, it must be fixed using dowels that are suitable for the type of wall (not included).