Reopening of hotels and gyms: taps can make a difference



After a difficult year, we are starting to see some signs of normality. There are many countries that have completely reopened their commercial and recreational activities and Italy, too, has planned a gradual reopening of restaurants, bars, theaters, sports centers and hotels.

For hospitality businesses, as well as for sports facilities, it is the right time to rethink one of the most delicate environments, the bathrooms, especially now that we know how dangerous it can be to neglect hygiene and contact with objects.

Gyms and hotels are visited by many clients every day. This is why it is essential to do the best to keep guests safe. And a good practice is to take care of hygiene and cleaning frequently: a remedy to keep germs under control and at the same time to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Idral specializes in sanitary fittings for public and commercial spaces, where it is essential to limit contact with bathroom surfaces. Clinical lever basin taps, for example, such as item 02150 or 900.21 with temperature control, are perfect for limiting contact with any surfaces. The clinical lever is longer than the standard tap and allows opening with the elbow rather than with the hands: a small gesture which, however, as we have learned over the past year, can make a difference.

If you want to limit contact even more, another solution is a pedal tap, installed under the sink, on the ground or on the wall. In this case, you can avoid touching the tap even with your elbow. To activate the flow, you have simply to press a pedal with your foot, activating both cold and hot water. Idral has a wide range of pedals control taps for both floor and wall installation, such as the 02066 or 02068 models.

Technology to improve user safety: the electronic tap

For facilities that wants to take advantage of technology, Idral has the perfect solution: the electronic mixers. A sensor activates the water automatically, without the need to touch the lever or pedal. This is the top of the technology that allows you to avoid touching any objects and helps the environment, limiting the use of water. The infrared sensor, in fact, shuts off the water, avoiding unnecessary waste.

In addition to being perfect for the safety and protection of guests, the electronic mixer is a design object that can add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom. An example? Just take a look at the 02511 or 02504 models to get an idea of ​​the potential of the offer.

Besides, Idral offers solutions that are able to perfectly match the design furniture of a hotel bathroom. The models in mate black finish, for example, give a touch of class, creating a contrast with the white ceramics that is highly appreciated by designers and architects.

A practical and hygienic solution for sports centers: shower panels and columns with self-closing taps

Shower panels and columns equipped with self-closing taps are very useful for ensuring the hygiene and safety of guests and customers besides when washing their hands, but also after showering, since they automatically shut off the water flow to which the user must not touch any surface after use.

Where they fit better? Shower panels and towers can be ideal in the gym, sports centers and swimming pools.

The wall-mounted shower panels, such as the slim (item 09290) with a modern and light design, are recommended for changing rooms in sports centers and gyms, while the floor-mounted shower towers are an excellent solution for open spaces such as swimming pools, since they are resistant to external agents.

We offer stainless steel solutions resistant to aggressive agents of saline and humid environments, such as the shower columns 09224 and 09220 / L or shower panels with self-closing mixer (item 09212) . In addition, we offer solutions for the outdoors that use the sun to heat the water, reducing energy needs, such as the 09270 aluminum shower column.